All-American Teleradiology

Since 2012, we have offered exceptional subspecialty teleradiology services with prompt turnaround of diagnostic reports, and easy access to consult with our nationwide team of fellowship trained radiologists. Our coverage includes MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammography and Plain Film read by Musculoskeletal specialists, Neuroradiologists, Breast and Body Imagers.

We only bring on contracts that we can confidently and successfully cover.  With very low turnover of employees and physicians In a competitive marketplace, All-American Teleradiology can provide you with the expertise to assist in developing and growing your radiology business. We provide daytime teleradiology coverage to clients in 26 states.  Equipped with a highly-experienced management team, reliable specialty coverage is just a click away.

Don’t miss our MRI Education on foot and ankle imaging and finger pulleys.

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MRI Teleradiology Services

We provide subspecialty reports, plus protocol, coding and marketing support to enhance your MRI services.

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We've Got Your Back

While you're relaxing on vacation, or sleeping at night, we provide customized vacation and nighttime/ER coverage.

Hospital Services

Hospital Solutions

A unique Peer-to-Peer business model keeps hospital-based radiology groups in control of their contracts, and allows multiple radiology practices to rely upon each other for coverage while optimizing available reading capacities.

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