Subspecialty Teleradiology


All-American Teleradiology takes a unique team approach to MRI and other advanced modality interpretations to offer subspecialty teleradiology services and support. Our staff includes highly experienced radiologists, technologists, and operations experts who work in close contact with you to provide the radiology reports and consultations that help you diagnose and be effective.

Subspecialty Teleradiology Expertise

We specifically recruit well-trained and highly knowledgeable radiologists with focused expertise in subspecialty radiology including: neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, breast, and body imaging. Neurological readings can be tailored for referring physicians to include level by level readings for spines. Our musculoskeletal specialists have worked with major professional and college athletes.

We collaborate with our surgeon clients to build an accurate surgical correlation program.

Decisive reports and open lines of communication with referring physicians are the norm, not the exception.

Radiology Reports

Routine final radiology reports are posted in PACS within 4 hours, STAT read final radiology reports are ready within 60 minutes, and emergent reports are ready within 20 minutes. Our reports are customized based on the needs of referring physicians. View our sample reports.

Teleradiology Workflow

Our reliable, scalable workflow supports both non-emergent and emergent studies. Images are posted in PACS and available for remote viewing by our clients upon receipt of the completed study. Our surgical clients especially appreciate the FDA approved viewer.

Vendor Flexibility / Equipment Selection

The MRI market is diverse with scanners ranging from dedicated extremity MRI to 3T technology. All-American Teleradiology radiologists are well versed with every vendor in the market place. Working with our in-house MRI technologists and the manufacturer, our radiologists are comfortable with most standard protocols for each manufacturer’s product. We are also able to assist you in building appropriate protocols best suited for your equipment to improve efficiency and cash flow without sacrificing diagnostic quality. Additionally, we can recommend and assist you with MRI solutions, whether adding new equipment or replacing older models.

Technologist Consultation / Accreditation Assistance

All-American Teleradiology employs experienced MRI technologists with expertise in clinical applications, positioning and accreditation. We can assist you with the accreditation process and provide a medical director. We are able to provide you with a variety of services to assist the technologist with their operational needs. Check out our MRI Education center for tips on foot and ankle positioning, and finger pulleys – patterns of pathology.

Marketing and Billing Expertise Drive Revenue

Declining reimbursement has put more pressure than ever for MRI sites to fill their schedules. We have successfully consulted with MRI centers on creative marketing strategies in markets across the country. We bring decades of industry knowledge to your business.

Finally, drawing patients to your MRI program is fruitless unless the study is properly reimbursed. Our billing professionals will review your coding policies and work with our radiologists to ensure the MRI reports are structured appropriately for reimbursement.

See our complete service offering.