Second Opinion Radiology

Second Opinion Radiology Reports and Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

All-American Teleradiology provides second opinion radiology reports and independent medical examinations (IME) for physicians, radiology groups, self-insured employers, insurance providers, and attorneys.

Our team of subspecialty experts has consulted on hundreds of cases where the need for a board-certified radiologist specializing in a specific imaging modality and anatomy is required.

For second opinion reports, we often assist other radiologists and physicians when they have a case outside of their specialty area, or just need confirmation on their findings.

For those needing an Independent Medical Examination (IME), we assist as un unbiased and neutral third party on a workers’ compensation issue.

Our detailed reports, and fast consultations and turnaround ensure you get a high quality diagnosis and great service.

We can review the original images and report via film or digital format, and then provide a report either hard copy or digital format. Our consultations are provided via phone, and we can also act as a subject matter expert in a legal case.

View our sample radiology reports.